Admin-How to Configure WiFi router DLINK/Netgear

By | April 21, 2018

192.168.01 Admin-How to Configure WiFi router DLINK/Netgear is default IP address or Default gateway of many router brands like D-Link, Netgear etc. If we need to configure our WiFi or router settings we need to access Default IP address of router i.e

Administrator access is required to access IP as access to means having control access of your local network. We need to be very careful with handling password of 192.168.01 admin access as it can cause serious damage

This can be explained with a very simple example. I have setup a wireless connection at my home which is not secure. Now anyone can connect his device through Wireless connection and they can access If you have not changed the default password of Admin Panel they can go through. This can be achieved in cases where wireless security is enabled through guessing password.

For better understanding of term “Default Gateway” or “Router Default IP address” click on below link.

Default gateway WiFi ASDL Router/Modem Configure Wireless Router Setup D-LINK

Step1: Connect any device with router. This can be achieved in 2 ways. We can connect either through Ethernet cable or Wireless connections. Ethernet cable option will be available only with Laptop or Desktop but with wireless connection option we can configure router with smart phones or tablets also.

Step2: Open any browser on connected device. You can use any browser like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

Step3: Type in address bar of browser and press enter as mentioned in below screenshot. Admin Login

If you get error like “Page cannot be displayed”, it might be is not Default gateway of your router. Page cannot be displayed

We will recommend to go through below articles in case of above error.

How to Find WiFi Router Default Gateway IP Address from Windows/Linux

Recover WiFi Router Default Gateway IP Address from Android/iOS

Step4: Login page of will be displayed on screen and we will be asked to enter Admin username and Password.

Step 5: Enter Admin username,password and press enter to access Admin panel. Password

Step 6: Intermediate page will be displayed. Click on advance. Some of the ISP work on PPPoE and PPPoE and DHCP will be displayed at top of screen. We have masked the data here. It is not mandatory that PPPoE and DHCP will be displayed here, it depends on router brand.

Step7: We will be redirected to dashboard of Admin Panel interface. Admin Dashboard

We can get complete information about router like Model Number, Manufacturer, Device Serial Number, Band, Mode, Encryption and much more.

As per above  screenshot

  • Model number of router is DIR850
  • Manufacturer is DLINK Corp
  • Device serial number is masked but will be displayed in actual screen
  • Band is AP
  • Encryption is WPA2. Administrators will be able to View/Modify Below settings

  • Operation Mode
  • Wireless
  • TCP/IP
  • IPv6
  • Firewall
  • Qos
  • Route Setup
  • USB Setup
  • Management
  • Reboot
  • Logout

Admin Panel Settings

Router Brands having as Router Default IP address 

  • Netgear
  • D-LINK
  • Sitecom
  • 2WIRE

We hope you will be able to Login to Admin panel interface. For any queries related to IP address you can comment below and we will revert as soon as possible.

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